Commissioned by Riverside

Community Allotments

This is a independently executed artwork by Imogen Higgins commissioned by Riverside Community Allotments to signify a place for the children to play. The sculpture is inspired by trees and the way they twist, turn and bulge out in great pustules beneath the bark. The sculpture also pays tribute to the pagan God Pan, with great goat like horns above the mouth of the sculpture leading to a series of tunnels in which the children can play.  Although Imogen draws inspiration from nature, she likes to create abstract forms and strays away from work that is too literal. Imogen believes this to be especially important when it comes to creating works for children. Believing that non-prescriptive play is key to unlocking the imagination.


This is the most recent work by Imogen Higgins and shows the progression from her earlier degree work. The willow weaving shows many developments and demonstrates a variety of different weaves including random, directional, pairing and the three rod whale.