When it comes to creating independent works of art, Imogen relies on three main sources for inspiration. The first being her passion for nature and natural forms, most prominent in this body of work is the lurching of branches and strange bobbling texture of bark.


Secondly Imogen is inspired by vernacular architecture; seen by her as simply sculptures on a large scale. Expressions of a persons relationship with the landscape in which they belong. She is particularly interested in buildings founded upon ecological principals and historic building techniques. This sculpture for example adopts the wattle and daub method, dating back to the iron age.


The final most influential muse in Imogen’s work is the material itself, be it clay, willow, solid wood or metal. Imogen is essentially a material led artist who is inspired by the way different material look, feel, and behave. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What forms can be made with the characteristics they possess?